The BioFlex Advantage

Clinical Experience

  • Over 20 years of development and clinical utilization
  • Administer up to 800 laser treatments every week in our two clinics
  • Over 450 centres utilizing BioFlex systems
  • In-house extensive clinical testing of all new protocols at Meditech Laser Rehabilitation Centre

Effective Treatments

  • Wavelengths used (660 nm, 830 nm & 840 nm) allow optimal absorption by Cytochrome C Oxidase, increased ATP production and superior clinical results
  • Clinically developed treatment times take advantage of both local and systemic effects of Laser Therapy (shorter treatment times do not have the same effect)

System Design

  • Patented, large flexible arrays which cover over 12.5 in2 of surface area
  • Class 3B laser, most peer-reviewed researched Low Intensity Laser Class, which prevents thermal damage to tissue and allows accurate dose control (Class IV lasers do not, by nature of application, allow one to know the dose delivered to the tissue)
  • Direct tissue skin contact and feedback contact sensor to maximize absorption by tissue and minimize light reflection
  • Provision of over 30 standard protocols
  • All protocols are customizable for optimum clinical effects
  • Anatomical tutor to educate patients and ensure patient compliance
  • Electronic patient records to document treatments and changes in protocols

Education & Services

  • Clinical support 7 days per week from expert Laser Therapists and Clinicians
  • Marketing support provides turn-key solutions and extensive marketing materials
  • Research support to keep up with latest technology and medical applications of Laser Therapy
  • Certification and advanced trainings with continuing health education credits
  • Technical support 7 days per week for minimal downtime
  • On-line clinician bulletin board to interact with other Laser Experts

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Been getting adjustments from Dr. Boehm for over 10 Years - Always get quick relief weather it's minor spasms or major debilitating pain due to my Spinal Degeneration. Very easy to get appointments."
    Scot B.